September 11, 2015
Toyota Media Service Corporation

Standard EV/PHV Charging Station "G-Station II" launched

On September 14, Toyota Media Service Corporation introduced the G-Station II, the standard EV/PHV charging station to succeed the G-Station.

In addition to the features offered by the previous G-Station, the G-Station II has newly acquired JARI certification and has been approved for subsidy under the FY2014 supplementary budget for the Program on Promoting Charging Infrastructure for Next-Generation Vehicles*1.

Additionally, a large LCD panel has been added for greater convenience, as well as IC card authentication and passcode unlocking. A five-year manufacturer warranty*2 has been also included in the package for quality assurance.

Toyota Media Service will continue to encourage the spread of EV/PHV charging stations chiefly through Toyota dealers, aiming for the development of a charging infrastructure that is stable and suitable for both Japanese and international socio-economic environments.

Basic specifications of G-Station II

  • *G-Station II is a registered trademark of Toyota Media Service.

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