June 29, 2017
Toyota Media Service Corporation

Change of Company Name to TOYOTA Connected Corporation Officially Decided

-- Approved by 17th General Meeting of Shareholders --

Toyota Media Service Corporation (HQ: Nagoya, Aichi, President: Shigeki Tomoyama) held its 17th General Meeting of Shareholders today, and is pleased to announce the approval of Proposal No.2 entitled change of its trade name submitted to the meeting. With this approval, it has been officially decided that Toyota Media Service Corporation will change its company name to ‘TOYOTA Connected Corporation’ with effect from July 1, 2017.

The company was founded in October, 2000 in order to ‘create points of contact with customers using IT.’ After its foundation, the company launched the ‘G-BOOK’ onboard information service in 2002. The company has launched the service not only in Japan but also ‘North America,’ ‘China,’ ‘Thailand,’ and ‘the Middle East,’ and has developed the service to its main business. Today the company’s services including Telematics create points of contact with millions of customers and society all over the world every year.

By unifying its corporate name and brand, the company will play a core role in promoting Toyota Motor Corporation’s ‘connected strategy’ globally with the most advanced technologies and know-how for ‘vehicles and IT.’

Taking a new step with the new corporate name, the company will further strengthen its effort to create new business through Connected cars and revolutionize the automobile industry by uniting efforts of all the employees of its group all over the world, pursuant to its corporate mission to ‘create a prosperous and exciting mobility society by connecting people, vehicles, and society.’

New Company Name of Overseas Strategic Business Units

TOYOTA Connected Corporation will unify the company names of its overseas Strategic Business Units in five countries sequentially, starting with China (Beijing, Guangzhou) in January, 2018.

Company name
Toyota Media Service
Toyota Connected
Toyo Media Technical Solutions
New Company Name (tentative)
TOYOTA Connected
TOYOTA Connected North America
TOYOTA Connected Beijing
July, 2017
January, 2018

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