August 9, 2017
TOYOTA Connected Corporation

Notice of Change in Corporate Name, Affiliated Company, United States-based Toyota Connected, Inc.

Toyota Connected, Inc., the TOYOTA Connected affiliate company in the United States, has changed its name as follows.

  1. Overview of the company

    Former Name
    Toyota Connected, Inc.
    5905 Legacy Drive Suite 210 Plano, TEXAS 75024, USA
    CEO & President, Zack Hicks
    Business outline
    Big data center management, development of Mobility Service Platform and R&D in connectivity areas.
  2. New corporate name

    TOYOTA Connected North America, Inc.

  3. Reason for the change

    TOYOTA Connected Corporation unifies the names of its affiliated companies in order to clarify that each affiliated company will promote Toyota Motor Corporation’s ‘connected strategy’ globally under the unified identity.

    The company names of the affiliated companies will be unified to ‘TOYOTA Connected + Country name or Region name.’

  4. Date of change

    July 24, 2017

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