June 24, 2021
TOYOTA Connected Corporation

TC Announces Changes to Board Members

Nagoya City, Japan, June 24, 2021―TOYOTA Connected Corporation today assigned members of the board of directors at its ordinary general shareholders’ meeting, and appointed representative directors and directors with special titles at a meeting of the board of directors following the ordinary general shareholders' meeting.

New Member of the Board of Directors

Name Title
Wataru Kyochika Chief Officer of Corporate Office

Resigning Member of the Board of Directors

Shinobu Tamura

Board Members

Members of the Board of Directors* Newly appointed
Name Title
Keiji Yamamoto President
Masato Nakata Executive Vice President
Yasuhisa Fujiwara Senior Managing Director
Tetsuro Konomi Managing Director
Makoto Ito Managing Director
*Wataru Kyochika Director

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