Cloud-based Fleet management system
available for a variety of mobility


Affordable and Easy of use

G-Fleet is cloud-based Fleet management system with the concept of "Easy, Affordable and Connecting."
We launched the Fleet management service:

  1. -Easy of use, quick implementation and affordable pricing
  2. -Connecting with multi connected devices for any mobility

The backend system is with high quality as TOYOTA Connected based upon the service
development experience accumulated since our launching the company.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us!

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Product FeaturesTop 4 features



Display of Vehicle Location and Route History

Vehicle location information such as current location and route history can be obtained and displayed on maps.
You can use them:

  1. -in the case you can't contact drivers but want to know where they are
  2. -to review job-assigned area and improve attendance management by visualizing vehicle driving routes and finding inefficient driving.


Alert Management

Detect and record behavior of harsh driving, continuous driving hours and geofencing-in and out.
The record can be sent to authorities via alert notification emails.
You can use the accumulated data to coach better driver behaviors, or grasp and improve break timing.



Automatic Creation of Driving Reports

Reports including driving time, location and idling time of vehicles can be created automatically and exported.
They can be used for driving management records or vehicle assets maintenance.



Multi-customer management

G-Fleet enables you to manage your fleet by each role like service providers, vehicle managers or vehicle owners.
Applicable to various and complexed vehicle management, for example, vehicle operation is outsourced to multiple companies.