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G-Station II is a charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs). Toyota Motor Corporation began selling it in conjunction with the development of the Prius PHV in 2011. This station allows you to charge any of the main Japanese electric automobiles using any type of charging service card, and not just a special IC card. So far, it has been installed at roughly 4,300 locations across Japan, including Toyota dealers and shopping malls, providing comfort and peace of mind for customers who drive PHVs and EVs. Station operators are given G-Station Manager, a management system, that can be used to view usage history and monitor the operations of the charging station. G-StationⅡ

Juden Map for nationwide EV
and PHV charging stations

Juden Map is a smartphone app that lets you search for charging stations in Japan. With a comprehensive database of locations, you can search for charging stations from various manufacturers and brands according to your location (using GPS) or by keyword.

Juden Map for nationwide EV and PHV charging stations
全国EV・PHV 充電まっぷ Searching from the map Charging station details

EV/PHV charging support

PHV charging support

This charging service allows users to charge for a fee at Toyota dealerships as well as at commercial facilities and hotels across the country. After your EV/PHV Charging Support Card is authenticated, you can use a rapid charger or standard charger operated by the Toyota dealer, Lexus dealer or e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc. (eMP). Both new and used cars can use the service as long as they are compatible. PHV charging support